Governance & Transparency

HFA: Alameda School is governed by Henry Ford Learning Institute's non-profit board of directors and is authorized by the Texas Education Agency.

Henry Ford Learning Institute (HFLI) Board Members
Mike Schmidt - Chair
Cora Christmas
Townsend McNitt
Henry R. Munoz III
Ziad Ojakli
Brent Ott
Deborah K. Parizek
Shawn H. Wilson

The Texas Education Code requires that districts provide the following documents and notices to the Public:

                                Accreditation Status -- Met Standard
                                TEA Accountability Rating Summary 2014-2015 
                                TEA Texas Academic Performance Report 2013-2014
                                TEA School Report Card 2013-14                              
                                Proposed Budget 2013-2014
                                Final Budget Amendment 2012-2013
                                Superintendent Salary 2013-2014
                                Organizational Chart 2013-2014
                                Annual Public Notification of Nondiscrimination in Career  
                                Technology Education Programs